Prison Ministry

Following the words of our Father . . . .

A Prison Ministry according to Matthew 25: 31-46

Brother John has a prison ministry at The Moss Center in York County, where he and Father William Pentis have visited the inmates for several years. Moss Center is a temporary detention center for men and women awaiting trial for various infractions from misdemeanors to felonies. Due to the number of cases presented to the courts the waiting period for trials can be anywhere from a short time up to three years. The people incarcerated there are mainly those who cannot make bail, though there are probably those inmates who are also denied bail.

Many people in the Center may be there for just a short time for such things as drunkenness, etc. There is no time schedule per se for when “inmates” see their lawyers or go to court. It is a sort of limbo of waiting until each case comes up for consideration.

We read Scripture and then discuss what we have read. Sometimes there are men very familiar with Scripture, and there are some who aren’t. There are moments when I feel great about it and there are others when I feel I am wasting my time and theirs. However, that is not for me to decide — I do what I can, and God the rest.

God can lead us to places were never thought we would be, and this is one for me. The one thing that I have learned from this ministry is that we are all children (brothers and sisters) of God who get into trouble. We a go astray and need help to get back on track. Some get into more trouble than others in different ways. There is a price to pay for our actions, but it never separates us from God and His love. I have learned much from the prisoners. God has given many blessings to this ministry, to the imprisoned and to me.

Brother John Kummer