About the Center

The Rock Hill Oratory’s Center for Spirituality welcomes people who are seeking to grow spiritually.

We offer a variety of programs to suit various needs. We also serve church groups of all denominations, seekers of quiet time and space, those who seek one-on-one guidance or direction.

We also provide spiritual friendship and prayer companionship. Members of our retreat team are willing to give programs at The Oratory or at your parish. These can be designed for your group and its special needs.

The Rock Hill Oratory also welcomes groups who have their own program and director and are seeking housing and meeting space.

Spiritual direction is available. Direction usually centers on regular meetings between a guide or faith companion and a believer trying to discern God’s will and deepen a life of prayer.

Directed/Guided retreats are arranged by the Center Coordinator. Private retreats (silent, without director) are also welcomed. We encourage seasonal retreats during Advent, Lent or Holy week for individuals or groups, and encourage the faithful to walk the prayer experience in The Labyrinth Prayer Garden on the Oratory grounds.