Living the Lenten Message – Kathleen Cianti

Posted on Mar 6, 2014

Living the Lenten Message – Kathleen Cianti

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Lent is a time when we pause and reflect on whether or not we are becoming the kind of person God made us to be. How do we live a creative love which promotes the growth of others and our own growth in holiness? What blocks our ability to give and receive love? In this workshop we will explore some of the wisdom of Catherine of Siena, Dominican mystic and Doctor of the Church. We will also examine the concrete ways we live love in our ordinary life and ways we can grow in this virtue.

Cost: $ 15.00

Our Presenter

Kathleen Ciani is a Licensed Personality and Human Relationships Educator. PRH is a school that teaches people “how to be”, how to relate to oneself, with others and with God. For the past nine years she has presented programs that foster spiritual and psychological growth. She is a parishioner at St. Philip Neri Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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