Fr Fabio Refosco, CO

Posted on Aug 23, 2011

Fr Fabio Refosco, CO

Father Fabio was born in Porto Alegra in Brazil on June 14, 1965. He has one brother. Prior to joining The Oratory, he lived and worked five years in England. He joined the Oratory in 1999. In 2004, he became parochial vicar at St. Philip Neri Church with guidance for the newly ordained by Father Giuliani. In 2007, he was named Administrator of All Saints in Lake Wylie. That rapidly growing congregation under his guidance has grown to where a formal petition for elevation from the status of mission to a parish is being processed by the Diocese of Charleston.

On May 26, 2004, the Feast of St. Philip Neri, Fabio Refosco became Father Fabio Refosco as he was ordained a priest at St. Anne’s Church in Rock Hill. Father Fabio has served at The Oratory in the administrative office of Treasurer, and in February of 2010, he was elected by the Oratorian community to serve as its Provost.

How difficult it is to write about oneself, but the kindness of my Oratorian brothers and the Friends of the Oratory compel me to write a few lines. This is merely an attempt to describe the journey from laity to priesthood. A journey that started with pastoral visits, sometimes a comic anecdote and always an opening into the life, thoughts and hearts of a number of the faithful.

Ever since a young age, I was interested in business. It was a good life experience and a great adventure to work in the business arena dating back to my college days. I will always value the experience and appreciation of people and their vocations that this time gave me. But before I could fulfill my career, I was drawn to religious vocation.

After living in Europe for some time, I began to devote myself to others, which set the theme and tone of discernment towards what God has reserved to me. My ambition was immense. Adoration, consolation, love and hope were among the qualities I dreamed of expressing.

When I came to The Oratory, I asked a priest if he had any particular advice to the anxiety and confusion that plagues many in the Church today. He replied, “Preach the faith, and then repeat it, repeat it, repeat it.” I truly understand this because when I retrace my own steps in this amazing journey to priesthood, I know that with clarity and trust in God, some of the mist that clouds our vision is dispelled by repeating the content of the Catholic Church’s ancient faith.

With the support of the Friends of the Oratory, I was sent to Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, which trained me to work with the faithful. I am so grateful to the seminary’s faculty for their diligent work in the priesthood formation program.

As to the future, I have only one basic desire, and that is to be a good disciple of Jesus’ unbelievable love to as many people as I can. I have an overwhelming sense of His limitless love for me despite my unworthiness. I will strive to be an instrument of His peace through the Eucharist, the Sacraments, preaching the Word, counseling, writing, or in whatever ways He asks me to serve Him in the future.”

Your support and prayers will be of invaluable assistance as I endeavor to be Jesus’ priest to many I have already met and those I have still to meet. In anticipation, I thank you all.

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