Fr. John Guiliani, CO

Posted on Aug 23, 2011

Fr. John Guiliani, CO

Father John Giuliani, C.O. was born on March 17, 1951 in Providence, RI. He became a member of The Oratory in 1975. He has a brother and two sisters.

Father John has served as parish priest at Divine Savior in York, St. Mary’s River Hills Catholic Community, and St. Philip Neri. It fell to him to build a growing population into what has become St. Philip Neri Parish in Fort Mill. Presently, in addition to his duties at St. Philip’s he is working toward the establishment of the mission in Indian Land, Our Lady of Grace, which hopes soon to become a parish.

In addition to the service rendered himself, Father John has welcomed working with the newly ordained to share priestly experience with them.

On the feast of St. Philip Neri, May 26, 2009, the Rock Hill Oratory turned seventy-five.

It has been my privilege to be a member since 1976. Like all my brother Oratorians, I find myself thinking of those who have gone before this present generation. They left us a solid foundation on which to build the Oratory.

Those who preceded us had a vision. They had faith that they could serve the Church in the spirit of St. Philip Neri.

During our seventy-five years we have established a pastoral relationship with the people of York County whom we consider to be our friends.

During those decades we have shared sorrows and joys. Together we often struggled to build up the Body of Christ as co-workers with you.

Let me share with you my experience of serving as a Rock Hill Oratorian.

In early 1976, I came to visit the Rock Hill Oratory for a two-day visit that changed my life. The friendliness of the Oratorians like Father Joseph Wahl, then Provost and Vocation Director, and Brother Joseph Wilkerson, guest master, struck me. As they showed me around the Rock Hill area I was impressed with their ministry.

During my visit, St. Anne’s Parish and the Oratory were working together to sponsor Vietnamese refugees. A search was on to find housing for the Phan family: two brothers, their wives and children, a family of 21. Father Joseph asked me to make inquiries as to the availability of housing. I liked what I saw then. The Oratorians along with parishioners were doing a work of mercy finding a home for the homeless. And they trusted me to be an active players in this task. I felt at home.

In August I entered the novitiate to begin my formation as an Oratorian. It was a sort of boot camp conducted by Father Edward Wahl.

After my basic formation at the Oratory, I studied theology in Washington, DC living at the Marist House for three years while studying at the Washington Theological Union.

After I was ordained a deacon, I was assigned to Divine Saviour Parish in York under the direction of Father Henry Tevlin.

As a newly ordained priest, I was assigned as a member of priests doing team ministry in York, Chester, Fairfield and Lancaster counties.

My next assignment was as parish priest at St. Mary’s in Rock Hill, followed by being pastor at Divine Saviour and its mission at Lake Wylie from 1983 to 1992. Next I was assigned to be the founding pastor of St. Philip Neri in Fort Mill and Tega Cay.

In February of 2004 I was elected Provost of the Oratory and accepted the challenges of community life at the beginning of the new millennium. I believe the Gospel of Christ is as relevant to our age as any other. Our calling is to translate the gospel to the people in our time and in this place.

The Oratory has been blessed with vocations. Paying for future priests education and other related expenses has been greatly aided by the generous donations made by you, the Friends of the Oratory.

In am pleased to have been a member of the Oratory for 34 of its 75 years. We count many blessings received over 75 years and number you, the people we serve, among them.

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