Interested in becoming an Oratorian priest or brother?

Prayer life in the Oratory is comparably simple, but it is indeed a way of life. The Oratory gathers individuals together to share the commitment of learning how to pray and remaining faithful to prayer. The invitation to join the community in prayer is open to everyone. Look to this website for information on how to follow the teachings to become a priest or brother.

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St. Philip Neri

Saint Philip Neri was born in Florence in 1515. From a very early age, he was attracted to virtue, and was awakened…Click to read more Learn more

Priests and Brothers

“Let us throw ourselves into the arms of God, and be sure that if He wishes anything of us, He will make us good for all He desires us to do for Him.” Learn more

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The best way to learn about Oratory life is by experiencing it. Schedule a visit to gain more information. Email Us – rhoratory@comporium.net or Contact Us using the online form below. Contact Us